Create a motivating, recognition-rich culture at your vet practice

Ensure your employees feel valued, even on ruff days. 🐶 

With Bonusly, everyone in your hospital can publicly recognize everyone else by giving small bonuses that add up to meaningful rewards. And it practically runs itself!



Check out these reviews from real veterinary clinic employees:

Bonusly reviews sourced by G2



  • Get your recognition and rewards program up and running quickly, and don't worry about needing someone to manage it over time.

  • Let your employees choose the rewards they want, including gift cards for the brands they love (did someone say coffee, massages, and dinners out? ☕️💆‍♀️🍲).

  • Easily run incentives for flea and tick medication sales, preventative care, and other programs.

  • Access Bonusly from a computer or our mobile apps, so your team can recognize colleagues in less than a minute!
  • Run a successful business and achieve more as a team by celebrating individual contributions and highlighting what's important to your organization.

  • Encourage teamwork and support employee well-being with frequent and timely recognition for their efforts.

  • Make recognition impactful and encourage meaningful employee participation with a program built on best practices.

  • Scale recognition as your hospital grows by putting it in the hands of those closest to work. 
  • “We here at Covina Animal Hospital have been loving your program! It's given us a way to say thank you to each other in a fun way. The veterinary field is a tough one and it's these little thank yous that help make our days a little brighter especially when they're looking grim…your entire team is extremely helpful, dedicated, and friendly!”

    Jenna VanZutphen, Lead Kennel Assistant, Covina Animal Hospital
  • “Our employees love Bonusly and it helps contribute to a positive work culture. We are a busy practice and it isn't always possible to always keep track of what is going on. By reading the Bonusly posts, we can all learn about and acknowledge all the great things our employees are doing.”

    Elizabeth Fritzler, Practice owner, Lien Animal Clinic
  • “Bonusly is super easy to use, and even sends you reminders so you don't forget to give kudos.”

    Jennifer Riley, Practice Manager, Caring Hands Animal Hospital
  • “So many options to pick for rewards! I love to give this to our employees so that they can get a reward THEY pick.”

    Casey Blizzard, Practice Manager, River City Veterinary Hospital

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