Keep remote teams engaged with a meaningful recognition and rewards program.


Help your team build strong relationships and stay connected even when they can't stop by someone's desk to say thank you or give them a high-five. ✋

Facilitate collaboration and communication across your team with frequent, timely, and specific recognitionWith Bonusly, everyone across your organization can publicly recognize everyone else by giving small bonuses that add up to valued rewards. And it practically runs itself!



  • Bring recognition into the real-time communication tools your team already uses, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts Chat.

  • Automate administration of global recognition and rewards in one intuitive platform.

  • Reinforce your company culture by connecting recognition to your core values and celebrating when team members put those values into action.
  • Build a sustainable culture of recognition between peers, direct reports, and managers that celebrates success across your organization and reduces feelings of isolation.

  • Customize Bonusly to reflect your company culture, fit your budget, and integrate with employees’ existing workflows.

  • See recognition trends across your organization and help managers get a pulse on their teams with detailed analytics and reporting.
  • “As a completely distributed company, finding visible ways to show specific real-time appreciation is incredibly important to facilitating an interconnected and happy workplace. We find that even a small amount has a big impact in terms of making our employees feel valued and recognized. We especially love that it can be used in all directions — to one's reports, manager, or peers.”

    Avi Posluns, Director of Employee Happiness, InVision
  • “Bonusly gives our remote team a tangible way to recognize each other for accomplishments, however big or small. It’s helped our team be more proactive about encouraging one another and has helped solidify and grow the culture we want.”

    Josh Pigford, Founder, Baremetrics
  • “I love how Bonusly has connected our remote teams! And it gives everyone better insight into the great things people in different areas accomplish on a daily basis. Through the tool, we’re all able to appreciate each other more.”

    Christine Antonelli, President, SEI LLC
  • “Our team works remotely, and Bonusly reminds and enables us to give each other a virtual pat on the back when needed! It boosts morale for our team and is a sunny spot in every day.”

    Abigail Nelson, Captix

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