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Organizational culture serves as the throughline of the employee experience at your organization, from an employee’s first interview to their exit interview—and can make a profound difference between a highly engaged workforce and a disengaged one.

There are many tools for developing and sustaining a high-performance organizational culture, including hiring practices, onboarding efforts, recognition programs, performance management programs, and more. Getting the right mix for these tools is important, and the pursuit of that perfect mix can be overwhelming.

During this webinar, HR and people experts at Bonusly discuss the impact that organizational culture has on the employee experience and the many ways that HR leaders can develop a sustainable organizational culture, orient all employees to it, and use the well-defined organizational culture to recruit, engage, and retain top talent.

This webinar recording includes:

  • The ways that organizational culture impacts your business

  • What a strong organizational culture looks like

  • How to identify and adapt your organizational culture


Improving recognition at

  • hulu
  • invision
  • surveymonkey
  • chobani
  • headspace
  • ziprecruiter
  • “Bonusly has transformed the way we activate peer-to-peer recognition at Chobani. The program has brought our amazingly diverse company together behind a common goal of real-time acknowledgement and fostered a genuine spirit of recognition in all that we do.”

    Grace Zuncic, Senior Vice President of People, Chobani
  • “Bonusly has really helped us build a culture of recognition. We looked at some other solutions but knew that in order for this to be successful, it had to be easy use. Bonusly's Slack integration was the right fit for our team: it meets our employees where they already are, and they don't have to use a separate system to give recognition.”

    Alicia del Carmen Raymond, Sr. People Partner, MongoDB