How ZipRecruiter uses Bonusly to connect and engage employees during periods of change

ZipRecruiter started using Bonusly in 2014, when its 125 employees were primarily based in Santa Monica, CA. The company has grown to over 900 employees in 2021, with employees located across the United States and in the UK and Israel.

Six years since launching Bonusly, ZipRecruiter employees have recognized each other over 250,000 times, maintaining a consistent and impressive 90% monthly participation rate.

90% monthly employee participation for over six years!

99% of ZipRecruiter employees were recognized every month in 2020


"The rollout went really well — people started using it right away."

- Maria Alparaz, HR Assistant

Employee adoption

At the start of ZipRecruiter's rapid growth, the company needed a way to promote employee interaction and foster a culture of giving credit where credit is due.

Director of HR Amy Klimek and HR Assistant Maria Alparaz launched Bonusly with the following goals in mind: 

✅ Promote employee interaction
✅ Foster a recognition-rich culture
✅ Reward employees for their accomplishments

"We weren't sure if the team would adopt [Bonusly]," explains Maria. "We worried they'd think, 'Oh, just another HR program we have to participate in,' and then move on."

As it turned out, ZipRecruiter employees adopted the program with gusto!

Bonusly Review Graphic

In their first year with Bonusly, 95% of ZipRecruiter employees used the platform to recognize their coworkers every month. 

The bottom line? In Maria's words:

"It's easy and convenient, and your employees will love it."

- Maria Alparaz, HR Assistant

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Industry: Internet services

Company size: 900+ employees

HQ: California, USA

Challenges: Culture | Scaling | Connection

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