How Ordermark connects and motivates remote employees with recognition

A few months after Ordermark employees started working from home due to COVID-19, they reported a significant drop in peer-to-peer recognition and cross-team visibility. Enter Bonusly, the "cool social tool" that helps them stay connected and celebrate wins.

85% of Ordermark employees are recognized by their peers every month

Ordermark employees give 43% of recognition posts via Bonusly's Slack app


"Bonusly has been a GAME CHANGER. It's quickly become an essential part of our success in working as a distributed team and creating more visibility around small wins!"

- Lindsey Kampmeier, VP of People & Culture, Ordermark

Employees wanted more recognition and visibility

"Six months into the pandemic," explains Lindsey Kampmeier, VP of People & Culture at Ordermark, "our employees let us know in an engagement survey that we needed to pump up recognition and increase visibility."

"Our sales team had established norms for celebrating in Slack when they close deals, so they continued doing shout-outs that way when we went remote," Lindsey says. "But other teams didn't have those traditions in place, so the majority of individual contributions weren't getting recognized or surfaced to the whole organization."

"I saw that Bonusly could address both of these concerns. It was a really impactful tool for us to adopt while we were remote and needing new ways to engage with one another."


Slack and bonusly go hand in hand

"Slack is where we're all working," Lindsey says. With Bonusly front and center in Ordermark's Slack workspace, employees send nearly half (43%) of all recognition through Bonusly's Slack app. For their rapidly growing team—Ordermark doubled in size in 2020 and they're on track to double again in 2021—the Bonusly Slack app is key.

"Reflektive’s feedback and recognition functionality in Slack wasn’t interactive enough for our team," Lindsey says. "Having Bonusly in Slack makes recognition visible to everyone throughout the whole work day. It’s constantly being utilized to showcase how people are making an impact — large or small." 


Building a more equitable nominations process

"We leverage Bonusly Analytics to choose the recipients for our more formal monthly Ordy Awards," Lindsey explains. "Bonusly has made our nominations process more equitable and data-driven. 

"We used to try collecting nominations from employees," says Lindsey. "Now, we look at who received the most recognition for a specific Company Value Hashtag in the last month. It's a far more reliable and fair way to recognize and reward those top performers."



One of Ordermark's company value hashtags, #be-a-catalyst, has been included in 294 recognition posts!

Engagement has to be fun

"Bonusly facilitates individual recognition and team recognition in a fun and casual way that makes it easy for everyone to participate. It works for salespeople and engineers and helps us all celebrate each other's accomplishments.

"We started using Bonusly because we were working remotely, but now I can see this would have benefited us no matter where we are working. It helps us stay connected and reminds us to appreciate one another!"

- Lindsey Kampmeier, VP of People & Culture, Ordermark


Ordermark offers restaurants an opportunity to drive more revenue out of their existing kitchens through their proven virtual restaurant brands and technology solution.

Industry: Restaurant technology

Company size: 240 employees

HQ: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Integrations: Slack

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