Chobani replaced a manual nominations program with Bonusly to build an even better place to work

When Chobani employees asked for a more robust recognition system on a 2016 engagement survey, their HR team made it happen. Chobani launched Bonusly to all of its 2,000 employees in 2017. In their first year, Chobani employees recognized each other over 63,000 times. 

Chobani employees give 44% of recognition via Bonusly’s iPhone and Android mobile apps

75% of Chobani employees received recognition every month in 2020


"Having the ability to recognize someone immediately is the most valuable part of Bonusly."

Andrew Schrader, Manager, Human Resources

Employee-led adoption

"Instead of being driven from the top down, our success with Bonusly grew organically," raves Andrew Schrader, an HR manager who helped launch Bonusly to Chobani's 2,000+ employees.

"Our employees wanted frequent recognition, and the program empowers them to recognize each other. Having the ability to recognize someone immediately is the most valuable part of Bonusly."

To further encourage adoption, Andrew worked with Chobani's creative department to design an entire line of Chobani swag that’s only available in their Bonusly Reward Catalog. These Custom Rewards change over time and encourage people to keep engaging with the platform.

"People are proud to work at Chobani because of what we stand for and what we’ve accomplished. There’s a deep sense of employee loyalty, as if Chobani were your favorite sports team."



Everyone gets caught up in their day-to-day work, which is why it’s great to have Bonusly: feedback and instant gratification never get old.

Survey says...

"Bonusly has definitely had a measurable impact on our Great Places to Work® survey results. On the 2017 survey, just a few months after we launched Bonusly, our score in the recognition category had the biggest improvement!"

- Andrew Schrader, Manager, Human Resources


America's top-selling Greek yogurt brand leads with company culture.

Industry: Manufacturing

Company size: 2,000+ employees

HQ: New York, USA 

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