How Assent Compliance built a global culture of collaboration and developed a winning employee experience during a period of rapid growth

Assent Compliance has been a Bonusly customer since 2019, when Bonusly helped facilitate cultural change as the company grew from 15 to 500 employees. Years later, Bonusly continues to power positive interdepartmental connections between Assentees.

On average, 87% of Assent Compliance employees received recognition every month in 2021

On average, 81% of Assent Compliance employees gave recognition every month in 2021


"There’s always a steady stream of visible recognition that helps people see how their individual efforts help us meet our mission during ongoing change."

Keira Torkko, Chief People Officer, Assent Compliance

From many programs to one

In 2018, each department at Assent Compliance had different employee recognition practices.

Employees reported that there was a gap in how they were able to recognize their colleagues, superiors, and teammates. A few people would receive public recognition at regular company-wide meetings, but there was nothing consistent or transparent about what got recognized or how recognition was delivered.

Now that everyone at the company uses Bonusly to recognize each other, giving public praise within and across departments is the new normal.

"Being aware of what matters to our employees has really helped us deliver effective employee experience programs that truly improve team morale and drive results for our company," says Keira Torkko, who was Assent's VP of Employee Experience when she launched the company's Bonusly program.

"When I can see what our people are recognizing, I know what’s
important to them and what they value."

Bonusly's global functionality means Assent's employees can recognize their coworkers around the world, which has enabled Assent to solidify its core values and find common ground with international teams as the company continues to grow.


Bonusly Review Graphic

Assent Compliance employees gave more than 11,000 pieces of recognition in the first 7 months after they started using Bonusly.

Integrating Bonusly with Slack is key

"We were already using Slack as a communication and collaboration tool internally, so the Bonusly + Slack integration helped make company-wide adoption that much easier."

- Keira Torkko, Chief People Officer


Assent Compliance is a global leader in supply chain data management.

Industry: Consumer services

Company size: 500+ employees

HQ: Toronto, Canada

Challenges: Employee experience | Scaling | Employer brand 

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